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About The Breton in Sweden

Hej! I am a 27 years olds frenchman (in 2000-2001) and I am currently leaving in the center of sweden even if some people consider it to be the north pole... Why Sweden? I have been asked it quite a lot since I arrived here and even long before. Everything have been imagined. My first answer was that I wanted to go abroad. Explain exactly why is difficult, in french, I would say "l'appel du large": the call of the open-sea... It is not only to discover a new country, a new culture but also to see other things that France and french everyday (and I think that for this, it is quite OK...) It is perhaps also genetic. We are about 20 first cousins and about half of us have lived between 1 and 10 years abroad. I have myself lived my two first year in Québec. It gives some predisposition to expatriation. Once explained my desire to go abroad, the following question is "why Sweden"... People understands very easily that one wants to leave in Spain or in a warm countr, but Sweden!!! A country where there is each year an eclipse that lasts 6 months... People have trouble to understand that... Yes, I can see you coming and saying your next sentence: "the Swedish girl!!!". It is mainly the french that says that. The Swedish doesn't think so much about it, for them to be with a swedish girls is part of the daily life: they do the cleaning, the dishes: it is not for them a good reason to come... :-)) (OK, it is quite a big carricature...). So, the french boys (and girls) tell often this explanation, let's them speak.
François Lambert, HockeyPro???

The last question, and it is quite often the Swedish that saked it, is "OK, Sweden, I can understand (Swedish people loves Sweden, more than french are proud of France), but why Örnsköldsvik, this small village in the middle of nowhere?". It is effectively a small "city" and some people think that it is strange to come here. This small town has been described in a french newspaper (Libération) as a "hole". It is perhaps a "hole", but in the same article, it is also said that it is the Swedish capital of the hockey. The local team, MoDo Hockey, has been twice vice-champion the two last years and is the first "export"club of player to NHL among who is Peter Forsberg (Colorado) and the twinsbrother Sedins (Vancouver). It is perhaps the main reason of my choice. On this photo, you can see me when I was a hockey-player at Quebec. (The Quebec Nordiques have left since (due to??) I left the Québec. I was then one and a half year old. I haven't been abble to continue later, hockey-arena are quite seldom in Bretagne. To be more precise, I had an opportunity to come and work in a swedish company that I was interested in. I didn't hesitate so much and I have no regret. The life here is very nice. The winter is the sea season and it is quite good to take the ski and to do 10 km of cross-country ski after work. Moreover, when it is nearly possible to put the ski just out of the house, why hesitate?


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