Finnsk eller svensk i Frankrik och varför inte norsk

Här får man bara tala svenska !!!

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Finnsk eller svensk i Frankrik och varför inte norsk

Message par SuomenSisu » 03 juin 2007 22:43

sorry min svenska är mycket d°aligt lol

I live in Aix en provence and i would like to meet some scandinavian students around :) just started to learing swedish so it is pretty bad haha

vi ses snart :)
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Message par Herr Omar » 03 juin 2007 23:17

Godag yxskaft.

If I understand your message correctly, Lol, you're Finnish, living in Aix and learning Swedish in order to get in touch with Scandinavian people studying French. Right or wrong?

What exactly can I do for you, Lol?

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Message par Thebesius » 30 juil. 2007 17:01

Hi SuomenSisu!

I had a swedish friend who lived in aix last year. I think she can tell me where you can find swedish/norwegian friends.
Tell me by mp if you want me to ask her.

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Message par » 30 juil. 2007 20:57

Check out the "Institut pour Etudiant Etranger" rue Gaston de Saporta, many Swedish students there starting September/October .
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