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Little survey

Message par sarah64 » 27 sept. 2007 11:00

Hi all!

I'm a student in international trade in France and i'm interested in knowing a little more about clothe tastes in Sweden, more precisely in the skatewear, fashionwear and surfwear brands. So here are a few questions i'd be glad for you to answer as honestly as possible. Thanks a lot.

1- What's your nationality?

2- How old are you?

3- Girl or boy?

4- Where do you live (in Sweden of course)?

5- What are the national skatewear, fashionwear and surfwear brands you find in Sweden? (quote them from the most popular to the least)

6- What are the international skatewear, fashionwear and surfwear brands you find in Sweden?(quote them from the most popular to the least)

7- Which are your favourite(most to least)?
- Why (quality, design, variety...)?

8- Which to you have the best quality for the best price?

9- Which are the most expensive?

10- Why type of skatewear, fashionwear, surfwear do you usually by or wear (accessories, pants (baggies, low cut)...)?

11- What are the franchises or companies you can find that only sell skatewear, fashionwear and surfwear brands (ex: the most popular in France are Quicksilver and Rip curl), do you have those or others?

12- If you have anything else to add please go ahead. Tell me more about the popularity of skatewear, what would you like that is not available on the market etc...

Thank you again for answering! If anything is unclear please let me know.

Sarah :D

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Message par suede » 27 sept. 2007 12:01

The best is to answer Sarah by MP.


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