I am looking for someone

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I am looking for someone

Message par séb_baléares » 23 nov. 2004 18:34

I am looking for a girl who's called Natalie Andersen. I've met her for holydays in Balears during july's month.she lives in stockholm with her parents and her little brother who's called Oliver. Her father is called Kenn but I don't know her mother's name.
If someone sees this girl or know her... May you say her that I am looking for this beautiful girl... I haven't had the time to do something!!
Thanks, she can contact me at the following adress:

nono le mitron
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Message par nono le mitron » 23 nov. 2004 19:03

you can always try the white pages to find her adress or telephon number: http://privatpersoner.eniro.se/
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c'est bizarre, j'ai l'intuition de parler anglais avec un frenchy. Et surtout, je me demande pourquoi je fais ça, pour un mec qui dit ne pas avoir le temps de le faire: la french courtoisie qui règne sur ce site peut-être.. Image


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