Questian: Tax advantages in buying holiday homes in France

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The sun king
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Questian: Tax advantages in buying holiday homes in France

Message par The sun king » 10 oct. 2006 09:01

I am an estate agent in the Languedoc Rousillon region of France and I have sold many house to Danish people who say that buying a holiday home in France is beneficial for them because when they retire they save 39% on their income tax...does the same apply to Swedes ?

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Message par suede » 10 oct. 2006 09:39

It is not due to the fact that they buy a house.
It is due to the fact they if they leave more than 6 months in France, they are resident of this country and they pay taxes in this country. If they have mainly fond for their pension, the taxes is lower in France : 20% instead of 30%, and the formogenskatt (ISF) is also slightly lower.

However, it means that you have to leave in France and it requires that you had enough money to afford leaving in France and Sweden. It is taxe optimisation.



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