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  • Small market near China Town - Bangkok - Thailand :
    A small market near China Town with less turist than in the great market. There are of course Tee-shirt and Rolex to buy. But the food is not the same: no fried insects but turtle, frogs and old fish ...

  • Floating Market of Damnoen Saduak - Thailand :
    Floating markets were a big parts of the Thai life. 104 km of Stockholm, there is still such a mrket that is surviving with turim (from Thailand and abroad). Thai women goes from one place to another...

  • Rivers, Canals and Klongs of Bangkok - Bangkok - Thailand :
    Between the big rivers and canals of Bangkok, there are plenty of small canal, called klong. The city lives was organised around the Klongs. The houses on the side were accessible only by boat. It i...