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Santa Lucia Örnsköldsvik 2005


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Santa Lucia Örnsköldsvik 2005 Sweden

Santa Lucia Örnsköldsvik 2005

Santa Lucia came from Sicilia with some swedish soldiers a long time ago. At this time, the longest and darkest night (Julius calender) was the Santa Lucia night, and that Santa Lucia brought the sun back.
Now, Santa Lucia comes with a candle crown on her head and sings the Santa Lucia's song. She brings with her pepperkaka and safran cake (Luciakatte).
The ceremony of Sankta Lucia starts with a cortege in the city. It is followed by songs in one of the churches.
At the end, Santa Lucia goes out like on the pictures. During December, she will visit different companies to bring them the Light and to collect money for the Lions.
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