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Vasaloppet: on the path of our fathers...

90 km of nordix ski between Sälen and Mora

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Vasaloppet: on the path of our fathers...

Vasaloppet: on the path of our fathers...

The first sunday of March is nearly a national fest for swedish people. It closed the Vasaloppet week with the very famous Vasaloppet.
Vasaloppet is both a fest and a 90 km race between Sälen and Mora in Dalecarly.
About 16000 people participates to the races and there is about the same amount that are on the side of the track.
People starts to arrive at 6 in the morning to put their ski in the track of the start group they belong to. These groups are determined with help of previous results in ski races. The temperature is then about -20°C and everybody leaves the skis there and run near one of the fire to warm.
At 08, after a common warming-up, it starts quite slowly because there is a bottle neck just after the start.
There is food and drink available every 10-15 km and after 90 km, it is the goal: Mora, where everybody will say "Never, Never again". A resolution that will disapear a few days after when it will remain only the good side of this race.
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