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Old town of the Lower Bretagne

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Locronan, old town of the Lower Bretagne

Old town of the Lower Bretagne

Locronan is an old small town with a lot of typical house of the Lower Britanny. Around the paved square of the village, some old houses from the 16th and 17th century. Also the St Ronan church build in the 15th century and a chapel from the 15-16th centuries. Some chapels are located around the village.
Every 6 years, there is the Grand Troménie, a big religious event. The next one occurs in july 2007.
Don't forget to buy some couign aman, a speciality based on butter, butter and again butter ( very good).

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2003/08/20 - - - -
very nice photo ,will try to go and take photos
2003/10/23 - AMART - Aveiro - Portugal -
Dear traveller, I am a true fan of Bretagne. I spend 2 weeks in summer (2002)in this wonderful, magic, fascinating region. This fascination made me write a &quot;récit&quot; where I tell about all the travel, beginning in Aveiro (Portugal). I drove all over the best places of Bretagne and even went to Loire region. To complete my work, I need all the information on these places I can gather. So if you have that information please let me know it, if you wish, of course. I also have good pictures of thoses beautiful ancient houses, &quot;les calvaires&quot;, of Carnac and many others. Please let me hear your comments A fanatic for Bretagne
2004/01/25 - Jo-Anne - New-Zealand - . -
Bonjour, I would like to know what taverns were in Locronan in 1752, and where abouts in the square they-it would of been.

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