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Nolagillet - Swedish national day - 6 juni

Örnsköldsvik - Sweden

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Nolagillet - Swedish national day - 6 juni - Örnsköldsvik - Sweden

Nolagillet - Swedish national day - 6 juni
Örnsköldsvik - Sweden

Nolagillet is a folkdance group of Örnsköldsvik. They dance during the Swedish fest like the 6th of Juni and Midsummer.
The 6th of Juni has been the National Day in Sweden since 1985. It is not a big fest even if it has happened a few things the 6 of june in the past century. Gustav Vase became king a 6th of june and the constitution of 1809 was made a 6th of June. The first celebration were made in 1893 and this day become the flagday in 1916. 80 years after, in 1985, it became the National Day of Sweden. This day is not yet a bank holliday but it should change in 2005.
During this day, the municipality honors the local stars like sportmen.
The local folkdans groups dance in front of the people. Some of the dance are typical of Sweden like Hambos. Polka and Schottis are also danced in Sweden.

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2006/02/06 - Andreia alva - Moirans - France -
c'est bien votre site, mais je cherche des contactes de groupe de folklore traditionnel de suede. Merci de repondre sur le mail:
2006/02/07 - Andreia Alva - Moirans - France -
Please can i have the phone number,fax number or mail adresse of Nollagillet groupe? i work in a organization association of folk music internation festival, and i would like to have have informations about this groupe. thanks

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